IoT PM Intensive Bootcamp Resources

Thank you for taking my Product Management for the Internet of Things Intensive Bootcamp at Stanford Continuing Studies! I hope you found the material to be engaging and helpful in your IoT journey. This page includes the BootCamp slides and all the resources I mentioned during class. Enjoy!

Download the bootcamp slides

Click here to download the slides.

[Book] The B2B Innovator’s Map: How to get from idea to your first ten customers

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Recommended Articles Related to the Workshop

  1. An IoT Primer for Product Managers
  2. The IoT Decision Framework
  3. Why It’s So Hard to Create a Good User Experience in IoT
  4. Data Acquisition: A Primer for IoT Product Managers
  5. How to Monetize Your IoT Product
  6. How Does an IoT Device Work?
  7. How to Protect Your IoT Product from Hackers
  8. How to Build an IoT Product Roadmap

Recommended Podcast Episodes Related to the Workshop

  1. [Podcast] How to Build a Successful IoT Company
  2. [Podcast] Behind the Scenes of Azure IoT
  3. [Podcast] You Can’t Outsource Strategy
  4. [Podcast] Behind the Scenes of the Samsung ARTIK IoT Platform
  5. [Podcast] How to Incorporate Services in Product Companies