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That’s why I’ve developed the B2B Innovator’s Map and the IoT Decision Framework and taught them to hundreds of product professionals from companies like Tesla, ChargePoint, ABB, Microsoft, SunPower, and many more.

These frameworks form the basis of my courses, workshops, and advisory services—they encapsulate a tremendous amount of knowledge, making them both user-friendly and comprehensive.

The B2B Innovator’s Map

Most B2B companies struggle to generate value from their innovation efforts. They bypass the innovation journey and waste time and money building and scaling products no one wants.

The safer and faster approach is to systematically focus on delivering value to your first ten customers, learning as you go. This is the roadmap you need to guide you through the 6 stages of successful B2B innovation.

IoT Decision Framework

The IoT Decision Framework

IoT is very powerful, but also incredibly complex.

Successful IoT innovation requires mastering 5 layers of IoT Technology Stack PLUS ensuring alignment across 6 key decision areas. Getting any one of these points wrong can throw off the entire process!

So don’t wing it. Use this framework to guide decisions, identify areas for research, and avoid gaps in your product development.

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