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Online, Self-Paced

The IoT Product Manager Certificate Program

Learn a structured approach to driving successful IoT products

  • Gain a deep understanding of how to bring IoT products to market.
  • Learn the top IoT business models to monetize your product.
  • Find out how to minimize critical risks in your IoT roadmap.

“Daniel Elizalde is a great instructor. I highly recommend this course for any professional who wants to be successful in IoT.”

—Gebrin Gebrin, Marketing Manager

“The course is fantastic! Daniel does an excellent job breaking down the incredibly complex world of IoT in a very clear and concise way.”

—Russell Sprole, Entrepreneur

Live Workshops and Masterclasses

My live training is for you if you want a more interactive learning experience.

Whether online or in-person, live courses provide teams and individuals an immersive learning environment and the chance to get your most burning questions answered on the spot!

Upcoming BootCamp at Stanford University: BUS 181 – Product Management for the Internet of Things: An Intensive Bootcamp

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“Daniel brings a pragmatic, step-by-step, real-world-based framework for corralling innovation to not only win over those first 10 customers, but to put the product development process on the proper trajectory to drive repeatability and scale.”

—Bill Schmarzo, Author, Data Management Innovation at Dell Technologies

“Daniel’s leadership style creates an inclusive team culture where everyone feels like they belong and are inspired to innovate, think creatively and collaborate as a team to achieve a common goal.”

—Klara Jagosova, Worldwide Health at Apple