How to Incorporate Services in Product Companies

How to Incorporate Services in Product Companies
Daniel Elizalde

Cesar and I have been friends for many years. We’ve worked together and he has been my mentor throughout the years. In fact, I’ve learned everything I know about professional services from him, so I’m very excited for him to share his experience with you.

In this episode, we discuss how product companies can leverage professional services to support their product portfolio. Cesar walks us through the benefits and the impact professional services have on your product strategy, product roadmap, and overall company culture.

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Episode details: How to Incorporate Services in Product Companies

For a product company, professional services can be a very profitable endeavor as long as it supports and complements your product strategy. – Cesar Gamez

About Cesar Gamez:

Cesar R. Gamez started his National Instruments (NI) career as the Director of Integration Engineering Services, where he has built a global technical services organization providing services to NI’s top customers in multiple industries.

Before National Instruments, Cesar worked in the electronics and semiconductor industries providing engineering services to fortune 500 companies and building technical services organizations. Cesar earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Systems Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) and an MBA and Operations Management degree from St. Edward’s University.

About National Instruments:

NI provides powerful, flexible technology solutions that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. From daily tasks to grand challenges, NI helps engineers and scientists overcome complexity to exceed even their own expectations. Customers in nearly every industry—from healthcare and automotive to consumer electronics and particle physics—use NI’s integrated hardware and software platform to improve our world.

Topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Cesar shares his background and about National Instruments
  • How to approach IoT solutions
  • The different types of services a product company can offer
  • New opportunities to incorporate services in product companies
  • The challenges product companies face when starting to offer services
  • How to adapt product strategy when a company decides to offer services
  • The impact that offering services have on the internal culture of a product company
  • How to navigate the push-backs when introducing services
  • Advice for Product Leaders who are new to developing IoT solutions

To learn more about Cesar and National Instruments:

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