How to Build a Successful IoT Company with Eric Simone

How to Build a Successful IoT Company with Eric Simone
Daniel Elizalde

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Episode Details: How to Build a Successful Company with Eric Simone

In this episode, Eric shares his journey with ClearBlade and how his roots in enterprise software have influenced every decision he has made in building the company. We also discuss Eric’s approach to edge computing (and the value that this technology trend brings to his customers), his approach to partnerships as an enabler for growth, and ClearBlade’s roadmap for the future.

“This has been a tough year for many, many people. …But the one bright spot that I can see is that good technology shines in dire times like this.” — Eric Simone

About Eric Simone

Eric Simone is the founder and CEO of ClearBlade Inc., an Enterprise Edge Computing Internet of Things (IoT) software company focused on large Enterprises in the transportation, building facilities, and connected products markets. Prior to starting ClearBlade, Eric was the founder and CTO of Compete Incorporated, which sold to Perficient Inc. (PRFT) for $63M in May of 2000.

Earlier in his career, Eric achieved success in senior engineering, product, and sales positions at IBM and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Eric has a degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and is a recognized Distinguished Alumni. Eric resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Toni and 2 sons, Xander and Dexter.

Topics We Discuss in this Episode

  • Eric Simone’s career and how he came to found ClearBlade
  • How ClearBlade as a company has developed over time
  • The companies that they serve and the solutions they provide at ClearBlade
  • How ClearBlade is playing a major role in how the industry is developing
  • How to become a horizontal organization (and how ClearBlade did it)
  • The benefit of building your business from the ground-up
  • Why you should go ‘no-code’ (but be willing to let the customer decide how much or how little they want to do in your software)
  • What the ‘edge’ is
  • What has changed from a technology perspective around the edge that makes it so promising
  • What the edge will do for your organization
  • How ClearBlade selects partners and works with them
  • The differences between a vendor and a partner
  • ClearBlade’s roadmap and Eric’s hopes for the future of the company

Product Leader Tips of the Week

What Eric would tell Product Leaders that are considering building enterprise applications leveraging the edge:

  • Research technology that’s out there that you can build on top of, specific to what you’re trying to do
  • Understand what type of company you want to be and the market you’re going after
  • Be patient
  • Don’t underestimate the complexity of the technology
  • Leverage what’s out there
  • Find people you like to work with a culture that you match. Often, the hard part of the business is not the tech but the relationships and the go-to-market strategies

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