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Winner, best B2B books by BookAuthority

Throughout my career, I’ve been very fortunate to be featured in some of the top IoT, Innovation and B2B Product Management publications. Here’s a subset of accolades, podcast interviews, and articles I’ve been featured in.


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Top 50 IIoT influencer by Onalytica for 2017 through 2020

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Keynotes, webinars, and interviews

In this section, you can find a selection of keynotes, webinars, and guest podcast appearances.

In addition, if you’d like to hear me interview B2B SaaS and IoT experts, then I recommend listening to my own podcast: the Enterprise Product Leadership podcast

Masterclass at Product Management Today – The problem with Product Market Fit (and what to use instead)

Talk at ProductCamp Austin 2023 – How to build discovery networks

Product Coffee – Accelerating your success through the B2B Innovation Journey

Keynote at Smart Energy Summit – How climate tech companies can accelerate innovation

Panel at Smart Energy Summit – Beyond energy services in multi-dwelling living

Keynote at Particle’s Spectra Conference – Building the Right IoT Product

Keynote at INDUSTRY Conference 2021 – Why your first ten customers are the key to your product’s success

Product League fireside chat – Understanding B2B Product Management

Climate PM Workshop – Work On Climate

Silicon Valley Lean Product Meetup – How Product Leaders can use emerging technologies to drive innovation

Keynote at IIoT World Day – How to drive innovation with IoT and 5G

ProductCon 2020 – How to drive innovation in the era of IoT, 5G and AI

Topio networks – Demonstrating Customer Value in IoT and Edge

InfoShare – How IoT can help fight climate change

ProductPlan – How to navigate growth as a Product Manager

Silicon Valley PM Association – Product Management for the Internet of Things

Enterprise IoT Summit – How to create a strong end-to-end strategy for IoT products

Keynote IoT World conference

Keynote at IoT Tech Expo

Product Tank San Francisco – Product Management for IoT

ProdPad Webinar – How to achieve success using the B2B Innovator’s Journey

One Knight in Product podcast – Mapping your way to B2B Product success

100 Product Strategies podcast – B2B Innovation Strategy with Daniel Elizalde

The Product Experience podcast – Challenges of product in enterprise organizations – Daniel Elizalde

Pragmatic Live podcast – The six stages of the B2B Innovator’s Map

Talking Roadmaps show – Interview 

Author’s hour podcast – The B2B Innovator’s Map with Daniel Elizalde

Energy Terminal podcast – Finding your first Energy role with Daniel Elizalde

Impact pricing podcast – Ep178: The B2B Innovator’s Map: Let Customer Champions Do Selling for You with Daniel Elizalde

Catalyst Constellations podcast – From one world to another with Daniel Elizalde

Innovation Talks podcast – B2B innovation in energy and climate with Daniel Elizalde

IoT Coffee Talk podcast – Green IoT with Daniel Elizalde

Innovation Talks podcast – IoT innovation with Daniel Elizalde

Mas Producto – Ep #4 Seasson 3 – Desarrollo de Productos IoT

The Industrial Marketing Show – EP #51 A crash course in IoT for hardware companies

BelkIoT Podcast – Ep #21 The Product Management Framework

Unlearn podcast with Barry O’Reilly

The Product Experience podcast – Zen and the Art of IoT Product Management

Impact pricing podcast – Why IoT is not a one-size-fits-all to customer problems

Product Love podcast

Product science podcast

Pragmatic Live podcast – The Internet of Things

Pragmatic Live podcast – The Internet of Things episode 2

This is Product Management podcast – The IoT is Product Management

IoT for All podcast – What it means to be a PM in IoT

Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast

The everyday innovator podcast – IoT is coming to a product near you

The IoT podcast with Stacey Higginbotham

IoT Inc podcast – Product Management for IoT

The creative life podcast with James Taylor

Career pivot podcast – How to pivot your career with a blog and a podcast

IoT Central: Why there’s no killer app for IoT

Exponent – Path to Product Management

Pragmatic Marketing – Internet of Things: a Primer

Pragmatic Marketing – A simple IoT framework for Product Managers