How IoT Can Help Fight Climate Change

How IoT Can Help Fight Climate Change
Daniel Elizalde
IoT can help fight climate change - featured

I believe IoT can help fight Climate Change. Unfortunately, many people only associate IoT with “convenience products” that don’t add a lot of value, such as smart toasters. (Just in case you were wondering why I’m on stage with images of big toasters) =)

As our population grows to 9.8 billion people by 2050, we will continue to strain the planet’s resources to produce enough electricity, food, and water. At the same time, consuming all these additional resources will continue to amplify our Climate Change crisis in a dangerous cycle.

As IoT Product Leaders, we need to help change the narrative and spread the word on how, exactly, IoT can be part of the solution. Not only how IoT can help fight Climate Change, but also how it can generate new sources of revenue for our companies in the process.

I want to share with you my keynote at InfoShare, the biggest technology conference in Central and Eastern Europe. The theme of my keynote is: how companies are using the IoT to fight Climate Change.

In this talk, I describe the role of IoT on curbing carbon emissions, and I include specific examples of how companies can leverage IoT throughout the energy generation and consumption lifecycle. In the talk, I focus on energy, but you can extrapolate the same ideas to agriculture, healthcare, transportation, etc.

Many Product leaders are concerned about this challenge, but they are not sure how they can contribute. They think that to help fight Climate Change; they need to build products that directly tackle the problem, such as solar panels or wind turbines.

But the reality is that there are many different ways for us to help. Listen to the talk to learn more.

I know we can’t solve Climate Change with technology alone, but technology does play an important role. And hence, working on IoT is my way to be part of the solution.

Climate Change is the biggest challenge of our generation. We need everybody’s talent working together to stand a chance. I invite you to get involved.

How will you use your talents to fight Climate Change AND increase opportunities for your company? Leave me a message below. I’d love to hear from you.


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