Opening the B2B Product Innovation Black Box

Opening the B2B Product Innovation Black Box
Daniel Elizalde
B2B Product Innovation

For most companies, B2B product innovation is a black box, resulting in frustrated Product teams and millions of dollars wasted on products nobody needs. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

In this webinar hosted by Product People, I explain why companies fall into the black box tra. I’ll walk you through the B2B Innovator’s Map, an actionable, step-by-step, B2B-focused process to lead your team out of uncertainty.

Watch the webinar below to learn actionable tips on tackling innovation in a B2B context, winning the trust and support of your Leadership team, and increasing your chances of success.

This was a live session, so in addition to my keynote presentation, I had the opportunity to answer a few audience questions. Stay until the end to hear my answers to these questions:

  • [33:50] During the strategic alignment stage, what is the benefit of starting with a small group of engaged stakeholders vs expanding the group early?
  • [36:30] What is the difference between other design thinking processes and the B2B InnovInnovator’s
  • [38:20] What are the steps of the B2B Innovators, and how do they align with the product development process?
  • [40:00] What are your favorite types of experiments that work on B2B?
  • [41:45] Where is the best place to find early adopters and have them try your product when it’s in the early stages?
  • [44:45] Does the “first” 10 customers” milestone change if your focus is on large enterprises instead of medium and small businesses?


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