Deep Dive into Azure Digital Twins

Deep Dive into Azure Digital Twins
Daniel Elizalde

You can check out our previous conversation in episode number 15, where Sam shared his vision and strategy for the Azure IoT platform.

In this episode, we talk about Digital Twins. Sam shares how the technology works and shares very interesting use cases on how companies across industries, from manufacturing to smart buildings, are implementing this technology to add increasing value to their customers.  This is an episode no IoT product leader should miss.

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Episode Details: Deep Dive into Azure Digital Twins with Sam George:

”When you walk into a building and think about it from an IoT point of view. You don’t think about it in terms of there are a thousand devices in the building and I’m going to connect to them and predict their maintenance and optimize their operation. Instead, the thing you really want to understand is the building, not the individual devices” 

– Sam George

About Sam George:

Sam George is the Director of Microsoft Azure IoT Engineering Team on the Program Management side, delivering a broad portfolio of features and capabilities that help our customers and partners realize the full potential of the Internet of Things. He is responsible for Microsoft IoT Central, Azure IoT Suite, Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service, our IoT Device SDK, the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and more. An accomplished industry leader, Sam’s contributions during his 18-year tenure at Microsoft include impact on a number of technologies including video, smartphone, PC and cloud services. 


Topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Sam shares his background and Microsoft.
  • What a Digital Twin is.
  • How Microsoft’s Digital Twin concept is an evolution of what the industry has seen for machine and asset modeling.
  • Microsoft’s solution for Digital Twins.
  • Interesting applications that are leveraging Digital Twins.
  • The application of Digital Twins for Building Energy Management.
  • The process customers go through to implement solutions with Digital Twins.
  • Criteria for companies to use to decide when it is the right time to invest in Digital Twins.
  • Advice for Product Leaders who are getting started with Digital Twins.

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