Realizing the Value of Industrial IoT

Realizing the Value of Industrial IoT
Daniel Elizalde

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Topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Peter shares his background and about Bright Wolf.
  • Key benefits IoT brings to industrial companies.
  • The biggest challenges industrial companies face as they start embracing IoT.
  • How Industrial IoT is a progression of business outcomes.
  • How to adopt system agility and an open system approach.
  • Building vs buying your IoT infrastructure.
  • Advice for PMs and business leaders who are new at developing enterprise and industrial IoT solutions.

Resources we mention in the episode:

Many companies create “Innovation Labs” to generate IoT platforms for their enterprise. Few IoT systems are ever delivered by these centralized teams. IoT systems aren’t something you connect to your products – IoT systems *are* your product. The experience and business model require more than a central innovation group can deliver. Here’s why.

Is your team on track to deliver what your customers are expecting from your connected product system? Your solution should provide clear business outcomes – Asset Management, Workflow Integration, Predictive Maintenance, and Yield Optimization. We’ve identified clear organizational patterns that reliably determine whether or not your solution will deliver value for your customers and drive enduring enterprise revenue.

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