Behind the Scenes of Dolby’s New Cloud Platform with Stephane Giraudie

Behind the Scenes of Dolby’s New Cloud Platform with Stephane Giraudie
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Episode Details – Behind the Scenes of Dolby’s New Cloud Platform with Stephane Giraudie

What if developers could incorporate lifelike HD audio and video capability into any application they built so that users did not have to resort to third-party apps to communicate? This is precisely the service provided by Dolby’s new cloud-based audio, voice, and video API platform,

My guest today is Stephane Giraudie, Senior Director of Cloud Communication at In this episode, we go behind the scenes, Dolby’s disruptive new offering. Stephane was previously the CEO of Voxeet, a company that enabled Web real-time communication with crystal clear 3D surround sound, audio, and video before Dolby acquired it.

After the acquisition, the two firms joined forces and merged their strengths to produce Our conversation starts with Stephane sketching out the services provided by and the new industries Dolby is penetrating as a result. From there we talk about how enterprise firms can accelerate their roadmap by partnering with startups.

Stephane shares his experiences joining Dolby and weighs in on challenges and lessons learned regarding finding a common ground between the respective strengths and weaknesses of startups and enterprise-scale firms. Wrapping up, we talk to Stephane about using a SaaS model for (as opposed to Dolby’s traditional licensing model). And also hear his approach to building products aimed at developers.

This is a very valuable episode that no Product Leader should miss!

About Stephane Giraudie

Stephane Giraudie is a mobile/SaaS entrepreneur, currently leading Cloud Communications at Dolby, which acquired his company, Voxeet, in 2019. As founder and CEO at Voxeet, Stephane pioneered in-flow communications, enabling leading apps in telemedicine, e-learning, and collaboration to significantly improve their users’ experience while creating new revenue streams.

When not raising funds from influencers like Jason Lemkin and a variety of Euro/US funds, he enjoys staying close to his roots – on the product and go-to-market fronts. Previously, Stephane was one of the patented early innovators of digital photography and also built corporate sustainability and philanthropic fundraising solutions. 

He’s a frequent speaker (although his accent does persist) and has been featured at DEMO (DEMO God 2012), and in GetVOIP Publication (Most Innovative People in VoIP in 2014), Gartner (Cool Vendor of the Year 2016), Aragon Ventures (Hot Vendor 2017), TechCrunch and Forbes. In his free time, you might find him crossing the Mojave on an off-road motorbike or being rescued on the high cliffs of the Jackson Hole mountains.

Keypoints from this episode

  • Introducing Stephane and his career leading up to his position at Dolby.
  • The service provides; helping developers embed audiovisual communications in their apps.
  • New industries Dolby can tap with the services provided through
  • How large companies can accelerate their roadmap by working with startups; Stephane’s experiences being acquired by Dolby.
  • The strategy and challenges involved with Dolby moving to a SaaS-based monetization model.
  • Lessons around how to acquire a company and integrate it into a broader firm.
  • Best practices for building products aimed at developers and their user experience.
  • How to leverage customer insights to know the types of optimization and functionality you should add to your roadmap.
  • Advice for corporations who want to partner with startups.

To learn more about Stephane Giraudie and

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