Why Edge and AI Hold the Key to Scaling Industry 4.0 with Jose Favilla

Why Edge and AI Hold the Key to Scaling Industry 4.0 with Jose Favilla
Daniel Elizalde

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Episode details: Why Edge and AI hold the key to scaling Industry 4.0 with Jose Favilla

I have a fascinating show for you today that is part of my collaboration with IBM. My guest is Jose Favilla. Jose leads the global Industry 4.0 initiatives for IBM. And with over 30 years of experience in the field, Jose gives us a masterclass on Industry 4.0, including where it started, how it has evolved, where it is today, and where it is going

Tuning in, you’ll hear the importance of edge and AI in driving the value of industry 4.0, how this technology enables companies to predict and prevent failures from occurring, and how companies can use the power of AI to improve the maintenance, quality, and efficiency of manufacturing plants significantly.

In this episode, Jose and I discuss:

  • The importance of Edge and AI in driving the value of Industry 4.0
  • How to scale your Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • How to select the best vendor for your digital transformation
  • And much more

About Jose Favilla

Jose Favilla leads Industry 4.0 at IBM. His 30+ years of extensive experience working with clients in over 30 countries helps them improve operational and business performance.
Jose has accumulated an in-depth understanding of the asset-intensive industries, including natural resources, processes, and discrete manufacturing.

Over his career, he has applied advanced analytics, optimization, AI, IoT, and Blockchain technologies to drive innovation. He has had the privilege of working with leading clients around the world to create new approaches and technologies to solve their complex business and operations problems.

Jose has been recognized as one of the top industry experts at IBM and was invited to be a member of the inaugural class of the IBM Industry Academy in 2011. Jose has chaired and spoken in numerous conferences around the world and published extensively and has won several awards in recognition of my achievements. He mentors new talents, MBA students at the leading US universities, and CEOs.

To learn more about Jose Favilla and IBM’s Industry 4.0

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