IoT Product Management at Stanford University

IoT Product Management at Stanford University
Daniel Elizalde
IoT Courses at Stanford

By 2020, it’s estimated that 50 billion devices—from smartphones to kitchen appliances and well beyond—will be connected to the Internet.

This phenomenon is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). With this kind of explosive growth, consumer and industrial companies alike are seeking a new breed of business and technology professionals who can make the unique strategic decisions that IoT products require, and manage the added complexity and risk that IoT products present.

In this IoT course, you’ll learn how to successfully create and manage products for the Internet of Things from a business and technology perspective.

First, we will examine the general principles of how an IoT solution works, from the devices that produce data to the embedded software that sends data to the cloud, to the applications users interact with.

You’ll learn a step-by-step strategic framework for making IoT product decisions related to business strategy, user experience, technology, data, security, and industry regulation.

Throughout the course, you’ll work in teams to gain hands-on experience using this framework as we apply it to real-world IoT situations.

Whether you have a business, technology, or design background, this course will provide a well-rounded overview of what it takes to build products in the era of the Internet of Things.

No specific prior experience or knowledge is required, but experience working with technology products will be helpful.

Here’s What Students Are Saying

IoT Product Management Stanford

Kudos to Daniel’s IoT courses at Stanford Continuing Studies “Product Management for IoT” class! It was thought-provoking, insightful, and well structured using Daniel’s IoT Decision Framework.

David W. – Product Manager, San Francisco

Daniel’s class was very well designed and expertly executed.

Varsha K. – Software Engineer, Bay Area

As a professor Daniel really shines. He shows an incredible amount of passion in making sure his students learn and takes the time to connect with every single student to better understand what they want out of his class.

Akhil B. – Business Development Exec, San Francisco

Note: My next time teaching this course at Stanford will be in the Summer of 2022. But you can learn the same material online by enrolling in my IoT Product Manager Certificate Program.

Topics Covered in my Product Management for IoT Course at Stanford Continuing Studies

My IoT courses at Stanford combine lectures, interactive exercises, and hands-on team projects.

Week 1: Introduction

  • Welcome and introductions
  • The IoT landscape
  • Key applications across industries
  • Introduction to the IoT technology stack and the IoT Decision Framework
  • Form project teams

Week 2: IoT User Experience (UX)

  • Understanding your target users at each layer of the IoT technology stack
  • Identifying IoT Personas (internal and external facing) across the IoT customer lifecycle
  • Work on team project in-class: UX decisions

Week 3: IoT & Big Data

  • How data flows through the IoT technology stack
  • Sources of data
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Digital twin
  • APIs
  • Analytics
  • Work on team project in-class: Data decisions

Week 4: The Business of IoT

  • Business models
  • The IoT value chain
  • Build vs. buy across the IoT technology stack
  • Calculating cost across the IoT technology stack
  • Work on team project in-class: Business decisions

Week 5: The Technology of IoT

  • Devices
  • Embedded software
  • Communications
  • Cloud platforms
  • Applications (internal and customer-facing)
  • Work on team project in-class: Technology decisions

Week 6: IoT Security and Standards & Regulations

IoT Security:

  • Security challenges in IoT
  • Physical security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Creating a culture of security in your company
  • Work on team project in-class: Security decisions

Week 7: IoT Standards & Regulations

  • Impact of standards & regulations to an IoT solution
  • Work on team project in-class: Standards & Regulations decisions

Week 8: Team Presentations

  • Each team presents highlights of their framework and roadmap

I hope to see you in class! And remember, if you can’t make it to Stanford, be sure to check out the online version of the course where you can learn the same material at your own pace, whenever, wherever.

Click here to learn more about the Online IoT Product Manager Certificate Program.


  1. siyu 7 years ago

    I would be very interested to be in your course, and please give me a notification when it is open for registration. thx

    • Daniel Elizalde 7 years ago

      Thanks for your interest in my Stanford course! The best way to be notified is by subscribing to my newsletter.

      That way you’ll get an update when registration opens as well as info on other workshops and events I have on the pipeline.


  2. marta 8 years ago

    Hi Daniel,

    This course seems really interesting. Will it also be available in the fall term of Stanford Continuing Studies?


    • Daniel Elizalde 8 years ago

      Hi Marta,
      Thanks for your interest in my course! I’m working on the dates with Stanford so it’s still not confirmed. I’ll share updates via my newsletter. You can sign-in here to be informed when the dates are solidified:

      I look forward to meeting you in class,

      • marta 8 years ago

        Thanks a lot Daniel, I’ve already signed-in so I’m looking forward to hearing about new dates of this course and I will apply for it 🙂


      • marta 8 years ago

        Hi Daniel,

        Thanks a lot for your reply, I’ve already signed in to your newsletter in order to be aware about the upcoming dates and of course I will apply to the course 🙂

        See you in class!

  3. Suman Bisht 8 years ago

    Signed up! looking forward to lot of learning and guidance.

  4. Evgeny 8 years ago

    Is there an option (or planned in the future) to take this course online?

    • Daniel Elizalde 8 years ago

      No currently, but I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for your interest!


      • Mohammed 7 years ago

        Online option would be very useful, as I would be able to learn all the way from Saudi Arabia.


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