B2B Product Advisory

Expert Training and Advisory Services for B2B Product Teams

I’ve helped Climate Tech companies, large and small, accelerate their product’s time to market. Some of these companies include Tesla, Patch, Myst AI, Greentown Labs, ABB Power, PG&E, GE, Opower, AutoGrid, Stem, and many more.

“Daniel has been an invaluable mentor and guide. I chose to work with him because of his experience in Product and Climate Tech, and I continue to work with him because he is an excellent coach.”

—Ellery B., Product at Myst AI

Helping you accelerate your innovation journey while avoiding costly pitfalls

 When building enterprise solutions, generic Product and Innovation advice is not enough. You need a coach who is passionate and understands the challenges of B2B product management.

With over 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS and IoT product innovation, I understand the challenges you face as a B2B innovator and can save you from costly mistakes.

As the former head of Products for Stem (an AI-powered Energy Storage company in Silicon Valley), I’ve been in your shoes. And through my courses at Stanford University, mentoring at top Climate Tech accelerators, Greentown Labs, and Third Derivative, and working with hundreds of product teams, I have the expertise to help you avoid landmines and accelerate your innovation journey. Because let’s face it. As a climate innovator, you have no time to lose.

I recognize the complexities of integrating regulations into your roadmap, selling to utilities, and navigating the complex cleantech ecosystem. I know you have to deliver real value for your customers, beyond saying, “it’s good for the environment.”

In short, I can help you bridge any gaps and find success at the intersection of climate, technology, and innovation.

Ready to get started?

The first step is to schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and explore a potential path forward through a customized advisory program that meets your needs.

“Daniel’s advice was very valuable for fine-tuning our priorities and clarifying the type of users we should pursue. Working with Daniel helped us refine our strategy and be laser-focused on what matters the most.

Daniel was also a great personal mentor that helped me understand product development and the essential processes involved.”

—Elias Elhaimer, Partnerships and Sustainability at Patch

Personalized Advisory and Traning Programs for Climate Tech Product Teams

Here are some of the areas I can help you with.

  • Getting strategic alignment on the most profitable business outcomes to explore
  • How to define (or evaluate) your target market
  • Discover your user ecosystem to ensure you are addressing the needs of ALL your users
  • How to uncover the needs of B2B customers
  • Fine-tune business models, including pricing and monetization of IoT and enterprise software solutions
  • Advice on roadmap building and feature prioritization
  • Testing business ideas
  • Create a shared innovation language across your organization
  • Navigating complex pilot projects
  • Working with a partner ecosystem
  • And more

I understand every situation is different, so rest assured we’ll work together to define an advisory program that meets your needs.

Contact me to get startard. I look forward to working with you!

Daniel’s expert insights break the complex and daunting process of B2B innovation into clear, actionable steps.

Climatetech startups developing enterprise software will especially appreciate his advice for navigating complex stakeholder dynamics and his framework for investing time and effort where it matters most.”

—Katie Geusz, Sr Director of Programs at Greentown Labs

IoT is a key technology for addressing climate change

–Watch my keynote.

Watch my keynote to learn more about how enterprise software and IoT are foundational technologies to address Climate Change.