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I’m very excited to have you join my live workshop: Demystifying B2B Product Innovation! Here’s what to do next:

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“Daniel Elizalde has created an excellent guide for anyone navigating the treacherous waters of building enterprise software. I wish I had The B2B Innovator’s Map 10 years ago, it would have saved me from lots of pain!

-Eric Simone, CEO at ClearBlade

“Companies developing enterprise software will especially appreciate his advice for navigating complex stakeholder dynamics and his framework for investing time and effort where it matters most.

-Katie Geusz, Sr Director of Programs at Greentown Labs

“Building a B2B business can be a challenging undertaking, but Daniel is a world-class expert on the topic. Future B2B entrepreneurs are lucky to be able to tap into Daniel’s expertise and to have The B2B Innovator’s Map to guide them toward their first ten customers.”

-Tendayi Viki, Author of Pirates In The Navy